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Paint Plates™

Disposable Recycled Paper Palettes for Painters




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Paint Plates Packs

Paint Plates recycled paper palettes for painters—packaged for end-users in convenient 10, 25, 50 and 100-piece packs.

10 Paint Plates - SKU#1209010P

10 Paint Plates - SKU#1209010P

10 Pack

The starter pack for new painters or those giving Paint Plates a first try.

25 Paint Plates - SKU#1209025P

25 Paint Plates - SKU#1209025P

25 Pack

Perfect for the working artist or small studio. 

50 Paint Plates - SKU#1209050P

50 Paint Plates - SKU#1209050P

50 Pack

For the avid painter or private art teacher.


100 Paint Plates - SKU#1209100P

100 Paint Plates - SKU#1209100P

100 Pack

Our best value. Great for schools and paint parties.


Paint Plates—The Earth-friendly alternative to Plastic Palettes

Painters, teachers, students, and working artists love using Paint Plates.
With low package prices, every painter can have a palette for every class. 

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Save Time

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Save the Planet

save time on clean up and contribute to a cleaner planet.

No more making due with paper plates for students, or paint party enthusiasts, and less wasted paint. With Paint Plates, every painter has a palette.

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Easy Merchandising

Hang, stack, or group 10, 25, or 50 packs with 100 packs. Choose from any sized packs to fit your retail space.

Recycled Paper Paint Palettes your customers will love! 

Working Artists
Art Classes
Paint Parties

Painting Groups

Made in the USA
Save time on clean up—they're disposable
Water resistant

Patent Pending

What a fabulous product! I had the chance to try this out, and I can say that this is the art world’s brilliant equivalent of the “Post-It” note (so needed, once you see it you’ll say “of course, why didn’t someone think of this sooner!). It’s lightweight, easy to use, earth-friendly and insanely fast to clean up post-art session!
— Pam Clausen
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Felicia and Scott Gray

Felicia and Scott Gray


Toss Products LLC, a woman owned company, developed Paint Plates™— 100% recycled paper paint palettes, designed to be safely disposable and help artists, teachers, and paint party organizers everywhere save time on clean up and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Felicia Gray, a lifelong commercial artist and teacher, had an idea. From decades of cleaning up after student painters and washing leftover paint from plastic palettes, she knew those plastic palettes would eventually end up in a landfill and take up to a thousand years to degrade into smaller bits of plastic, potentially harming birds and animals. She knew artists all over the world contributed to water pollution by washing paint down the drain. “I couldn’t stand the fact that I was polluting the water with paint and adding to the plastic mess our planet is in, so I had to do something about it.” said Felica.